Hello, My name is Maxine Whitfield Thank you for visiting me today! As a Spiritual Coach, Adviser, and Channel, I’ve had the unique opportunity to have helped many people emotionally heal over the years. I have been on my own spiritual path since the age of 7, and thus, have the experience to help you through your struggles. This is my path, my journey, my mission in life. I have been doing this since the age of 7.
It is tough to go through life dealing with the stress of life’s pressures and uncertainties. Why fight the battle alone? Let me be your spiritual guide and enlighten your path.

Are You Feeling More

Emotional Than Usual?

Are You More Depressed

Where Tears Are Flowing
Uncontrollably And You
Don’t Know Why?

Do You Feel Life Is Not

Worth Living And You Have
No Where To Turn?

Maxine’s Healing